Post-Run Report: May 31, 2017

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My run on Strava. This one started well with 100 push ups. Brendon did a great job with his, and we both hit the track around the pond. I ended up with a good sub-9 with a new breathing routine that I’m liking a lot. I pushed it a little harder than the breathing could support, so I need to work on my pace some more, but overall, I like how I feel after runs now far more than I used to when I was breathing every other step. This is a much better way to run.


Post-Run Report: May 29, 2017

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This run started off with uncertainty. I had some unexplained pain in my right glute and thigh, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to run. My son, however, was depending on me to get out there with him, so I went ahead with the idea that if it hurt too much, I’d stop to keep from further injuring it.

I also had done some reading about running work out plans, and I found that what I was doing was wrong. So completely wrong. I need to implement interval and high intensity interval training instead of what I was doing: running all out. I was running at my vO2 max which is a big no-no. That’s supposed to be reserved for competitions, races, and PFT’s and definitely not for every regular workout. The problem is that when you’re running at vO2 max, you’re getting into the anaerobic range which is very bad for exercise. When you do that, your body is pulling energy from the muscles itself, and it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to get stronger/faster.

I watched videos by a gentleman named Jack Daniels, and he taught me a lot. I looked over the data from my past runs and found that I was doing it wrong. So, with this run, if the pain in my left leg wasn’t too bad, I’d try what he recommended: using my breathing as a guide for my pace and allowing myself a recovery run today. The plan was for four steps to every breath. If I could get past the pain.

I started with 85 push ups. It’s a far cry from my 100 max, but 85 felt good, and pushing past didn’t seem like a good idea. There will be other opportunities for me to hit 100 again; this day wasn’t one of them. I then set out with my son after he knocked out 30 push ups.

Immediately, the pain was pretty bad. My left thigh and glute felt really tight, and no matter what I was doing, the pain was pretty bad. I decided that I’d give it a quarter mile to see if it got any better before I quit. Twice in that quarter mile I almost gave up, but my son was running right next to me, so I decided to keep going. Then, as I was ending the quarter mile, I told Brendon that I was going to try something, and I upped my pace. I was running a 10:30/mile pace with a lot of pain, but as I increased it to about a 9:20/mile pace, the pain became just a nagging soreness. I kept that pace for the rest of the run, and for the first mile and a half, Brendon stuck with me! I was really impressed with him and his effort.

I continued with the new slower (than my last three runs) pace and breathed in every four steps and out every four steps and something magical happened: the pace became easy, the pain subsided, and I was able to breathe almost normally. I kept my pace fast enough to need the breath every four steps, which was the same 9:20/mile pace. I was able to keep this up for over 30 minutes and when I ended the run, my leg actually felt better and I didn’t feel exhausted.

After my shower, I felt noticeably better than I have after previous runs. I felt like I worked out, but I didn’t feel like I was spent. I think Jack Daniels is onto something! I actually look forward to my next runs to continue to experiment with my technique, and I look forward to implementing interval training and some high intensity intervals as well.

You can check out the details of my run on Strava.

Post-Run Report: May 26, 2017

Today was both a great and difficult day. I had a personal best of 100 push ups before the run. I pushed it a little bit to get there, but i made it and didn’t struggle. 

I started with a good pace but the run quickly slowed as it was 94 degrees out and my legs felt like I was running on wet sand. I thought of quitting early for the first time since I began running but decided against it and finished my three miles. It wasn’t the fastest run, but it was a good, solid run with a decent pace. I’m happy with the result, and happy that I got all the way through to the end. 

Post-Run Report: May 24, 2017

Today was another good day. I started with either 80 or 100 push ups. I lost count near the end and I’m not sure if I did 80 or 100. I’ll call it 80 since I’m not sure. Anyway, I’m really proud of my son because he is bow up to 40 push ups. He started three weeks ago with 5.

I set out with a decent pace and ended up with a respectable time. A tiny bit slower than last time,  it it was a lot hotter out. Weather really does make a difference. My son also kicked it into gear and finished his longest distance of two miles with sub-10 minute miles. I’m really proud of his effort. 

My son Brendon and I after our run today.

We both did our post-run weigh-ins, and while I was back in a good range at 168.7 lbs, he set a new low of 234.1 lbs. that’s down nearly 30 lbs in 6 weeks! The kid is working hard, and it’s showing!

You can check out the details of my run on Strava.

Post-Run Report: May 22, 2017

I started the day with 80 push ups and decided to really get after it today. I was a bit tired, but after a weekend of overdoing it with carbs, I had some extra calories to burn. I ended up with one of my best runs in a long time with an 8:10/mile average. You can check out the details of this run here.

I’m happy with this run. I was tired and didn’t know I had it in me to run this well. It gives me hope for my future runs. 

Post-Run Report: May 17, 2017

I wasn’t sure how motivated I would be today as I felt that I didn’t get enough sleep, but I started off quite strong. 95 push ups is my new record! I started with those today, and it felt pretty darned good. 5 shy of 100, but that gives me Friday to try to get there.

I then hit the ground running and set off with a good pace: 8:04 for the first mile. I ended up with an 8:26/mile average for 3.17 miles, and I’m happy with that. I had a slight pain in my right shin for the last quarter mile that I’m going to pay attention to. I may run slower next time, and a little shorter distance. Or not. Knowing me, I’ll get back out there and go for my 3 mile minimum at full-pace. Because I’m stubborn like that.

Post-Run Report: May 15, 2017

Wow, it was hot out today! I started with 80 push ups and immediately set out on my run. My first mile pace was a decent 8:18/mile, but due to the heat, I slowed mile over mile finishing with an 8:30/mile average. Not too shabby. 

My legs were a bit sore after the first mile, but I attribute that to the two day break. I may do a little on the Lifecycle tomorrow to keep the legs moving. We’ll see. 

Post-Run Report: May 12, 2017


Today started with just 80 push ups. I was a bit more worn out than I expected, and I just didn’t feel like pushing up to 90. Could I have? Absolutely, but it just wasn’t worth it. I was hoping to hit 100 today, but oh well; it was not to be.

The run itself went exceptionally well, otherwise, I hit a great pace and kept it under 8:34 for each mile for a total of 3.5 miles for an average of 8:27/mile. That run cemented a reverse in my pace trend where I’m not trending faster again.


Now I get to see if I can continue the trend with my next run. I’m hoping to get into the sub-8’s again, but I’m not sure how soon I can do that. It’s been taking a lot out of me to get as fast as I am now. Going sub-8’s will be a lot of work and probably some pain.

Post-Run Report: May 10, 2017

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Today started off with another 90 push ups. They were comfortable, quick, and felt good. I could have pushed out 10 more to reach 100, but I figure I’d save that for another day. There’s no need to rush things and risk injury or soreness.

As for the running, the speed is coming back. After the bloody heel incident last week, I was a little scared to really run hard today, but I did anyway, and I’m glad I did. I’m not back to sub-8’s yet, but I’m getting closer. I pushed myself throughout all three and a half miles, and my last half was actually my fastest pace! I felt great after the run, but more importantly, my left gluteus maximus seems to be healing well. I think the fish oil I’ve been taking may be helping here. I’ll keep monitoring it and will likely post something about it on my main blog.