Post-Run Report: May 15, 2017

Wow, it was hot out today! I started with 80 push ups and immediately set out on my run. My first mile pace was a decent 8:18/mile, but due to the heat, I slowed mile over mile finishing with an 8:30/mile average. Not too shabby. 

My legs were a bit sore after the first mile, but I attribute that to the two day break. I may do a little on the Lifecycle tomorrow to keep the legs moving. We’ll see. 

Post-Run Report: May 12, 2017


Today started with just 80 push ups. I was a bit more worn out than I expected, and I just didn’t feel like pushing up to 90. Could I have? Absolutely, but it just wasn’t worth it. I was hoping to hit 100 today, but oh well; it was not to be.

The run itself went exceptionally well, otherwise, I hit a great pace and kept it under 8:34 for each mile for a total of 3.5 miles for an average of 8:27/mile. That run cemented a reverse in my pace trend where I’m not trending faster again.


Now I get to see if I can continue the trend with my next run. I’m hoping to get into the sub-8’s again, but I’m not sure how soon I can do that. It’s been taking a lot out of me to get as fast as I am now. Going sub-8’s will be a lot of work and probably some pain.

Post-Run Report: May 10, 2017

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Today started off with another 90 push ups. They were comfortable, quick, and felt good. I could have pushed out 10 more to reach 100, but I figure I’d save that for another day. There’s no need to rush things and risk injury or soreness.

As for the running, the speed is coming back. After the bloody heel incident last week, I was a little scared to really run hard today, but I did anyway, and I’m glad I did. I’m not back to sub-8’s yet, but I’m getting closer. I pushed myself throughout all three and a half miles, and my last half was actually my fastest pace! I felt great after the run, but more importantly, my left gluteus maximus seems to be healing well. I think the fish oil I’ve been taking may be helping here. I’ll keep monitoring it and will likely post something about it on my main blog.

Post-Run Report: May 8, 2017

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Today was a good day. I started by hitting 90 push ups for the first time! I felt good, and I didn’t have to struggle to get there! Brendon got to 20 which is a new high for him as well! We had a quick motivation chat and then waited for GPS to synchronize on his watch (my Garmin Fenix 3 HR is faster at syncing) and we hit the pavement.

This was a good run. I started off a little slow due to the music playlist being wrong, but I got it figured out within the first 1/8 of a mile and was able to speed it back up. I set out to run a full 30 minutes regardless of distance, and I met that goal. My pace was okay, but still off from the faster paces I was running before I started helping Brendon run. On this run, he told me to go off on my own while we both circled the same track. I took him up on it so I could get a solid run in.

As for Brendon, he did 2.25 miles and his pace was better by 40 seconds per mile over last week. I’m proud of the effort he’s putting into it, and how hard he’s working. He really wants to get into shape and start matching my pace. I’m looking forward to when he can get past me.

One of the reasons I run

87F31B0F-This morning, I was a grader for my National Guard’s annual physical fitness test. I took my own test last month and scored a 273 out of 300. Today, I took the scores down for the soldiers taking their own tests.

It’s days like this that I’m glad I’m fit. I am leading from the front, and by example. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Post-Run Report: May 5, 2017

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My motivator today.

Cinco de Mayo Run! I wasn’t going to run today because I have drill this weekend and we were supposed to be doing unit PT and I wanted to be as fresh as possible. However, Brendon (my son) really wanted to run, and he really wanted me to run it with him. So, out I went. We started with our push ups, and I did 70 of them without effort. Again, I could have done more, but I didn’t want to wear out my arms before drill. Brendon did his push ups, and then we hit the pavement.

After a lap (about a quarter of a mile), Brendon told me to go ahead and run at my pace and he would run at his. I said okay and ran it out at my pace. I got done with a pretty decent time considering my first quarter mile was very slow. I ended up with 3.2 miles at an 8:50/mile pace. It’s not my fastest, but considering the blister on my left heel bled through my sock and onto my shoes, I did okay.

Post-Run Report: May 3rd, 2017

Image-1 (2)This was both a good and difficult run. It was good in that my pace felt okay; not my fastest, but it was solid. The bad was that the sock on my left foot crept down below the heel of the shoe which resulted in an open blister on the back of my heel. It is now quite sore, and I’m sure it will bother me for my next few runs.

I started with 70 push ups and hit the track around the lake. It was pretty hot and very humid out, but overall, decent run. I stopped at 3.2 miles which is what I consider to be my new minimum run distance. I’d like to hit 4+ on my runs, but for some reason (I think it’s the heat), 3.2 seems to be about right for distance right now. Oh well; I have goals!