Post-Run Report: June 28, 2017


I thought today’s run wouldn’t be as hot as it was, but the sun decided to peek out behind the clouds after my run began, and it took a toll on my pace. Oh well.

I started the run with 100 easy push ups. I think it’s good that I don’t push it when I’m not feeling it, because I can always hit another goal the next time I do my push ups without pain, soreness, or difficulty. I am happy with my progress to 100 push ups, and while my max so far is 110, I’m sure I’ll be hitting that again soon.

As for the run, it started out pretty great. For the first mile, I felt amazing. During the second mile, the sun came out, and it took its toll on me. I started heating up, and my pace declined. The third mile was pretty hard as it felt hotter, and my legs definitely felt the heat. All in all, the average pace was decent and sub-9 which is always a goal for me.

Now, it’s a day off from running and then back to it on Friday!

Post-Run Report: June 26, 2017

Please excuse the scruffy face. I decided to take three days off from shaving.

Today’s run was actually pretty darned nice. I think I got the right amount of rest for the past two days, because the pace was decent, and I felt good. I pushed myself, but not too hard, and the results were acceptable.

I started with 80 push ups; for some reason, when I got to 80, I quickly realized that doing any more would probably cause sore arms tomorrow, so I stopped. I then quickly hit the pavement and was happy with how I felt, not only with my breathing and my pace, but with my body keeping up with the right amount of sweating to help me feel cool despite it being 92 degrees out. I feel like my body is finely tuned to handle the heat of the afternoons now which allows me to run after work. This is good, because it takes me a good 30 minutes to cool down, and I prefer taking my time to cool down after a run versus being in a rush, showering, and still sweating in my work clothes as I eat breakfast and drive in to work.

Today’s run was much easier than Friday’s. I may go for a little more distance on Wednesday or a little faster pace. Not sure yet; it’ll depend on how I feel Wednesday, and if I can get a little extra sleep on Tuesday night.

Post-Run Report: June 23, 2017

Today’s run was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. I started out well enough with 90 push ups and a decent pace for the first mile, but then the heat caught up with me and I ended up slowing down and running out of energy. I think I may have had a bit of heat exhaustion, so instead of running through all the cul-de-sacs on my way back to my house, I ran directly and straight home. It took me a long time to recover; longer than usual.

I’m taking my usual two days off from running and will hit the road again on Monday. I’m hoping the rest helps, because I want to try for increasing my mileage a bit this next week by perhaps up to half a mile each day. We’ll see how it goes. Then, maybe after a few weeks, I’ll go to 4 runs a week. Again, time will tell, but it’s my plan.

Post-Run Report: June 21, 2017

Today’s run was actually really quite good. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to run due to Tropical Storm Cindy, but she actually made the weather nice for me since it was a mere 87 degrees outside when I ran and very windy. The wind kept me cool, and pushed me on half of my laps which felt good.

I started with 100 push ups, and while I pushed just a little to get there, I’m glad I did. It’s a mental limit for me that I want to make a new minimum for push ups, so I’m glad I hit it again today. I then set out for my run, and the first mile pace was pretty decent without being too out of breath. As each mile progressed, I was slower, but the final pace was sub-9 which is what I aim for. I figure sometime around September I’ll start pushing harder to prepare for my next PFT, but for now, I’m okay with trending faster in a more natural manner.

One thing of note is that for the last mile, my legs were burning, but for some reason, I didn’t get the dreadful feeling I usually experience when my legs burn. This time, I totally accepted it, and I actually was completely okay with it which made the run more pleasant. I don’t know if this is a new thing that will happen on every run or if it was unique to this run and wil possibly be a rare experience; only time will tell. Either way, it was a very pleasant run today, and I’m glad I was able to get out there and get it done.

Tropical Storms and Running

2017-06-21 10_29_48-National and Local Weather Forecast, Hurricane, Radar and Report

I don’t mind running in the rain, but with the following caveat: I don’t want to start when it’s raining. If it starts raining after I’ve started the run, I’m okay with that. It actually feels nice. But I don’t like starting in the rain.

We have a Tropical Storm off the coast that is threatening to dump a lot of rain on us as early as this afternoon. If that happens, I’ll be forced to either skip today (which is dumb because it’s supposed to be raining tomorrow all day) or I’ll have to use our exercise cycle for the first time.

We bought the exercise cycle for my wife. She has a knee injury and can’t run for a few months, but she’s able to use the bike. I also figured it’d be something I could use on days when it’s not feasible or possible to run. And now, it seems that day might be today.

I really hope I can just go out and run. It’s not going to be too hot out today, and I really want to hit the same course I did on Monday. I’m not looking to blaze the ground with speed, but I am looking forward to getting at least 90 push ups and a sub 9:20/mile if possible. I know I can run faster, but since I’m nursing some aches, I think it’s better to take it easy and just get the heart rate up.

Post-Run Report: June 19, 2017

It wasn’t my fastest run by far, but neither was it my slowest. Considering it was nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside today, I am happy with this pace. I also ran a new course for the first time, and it was really nice seeing new sights. I enjoyed today’s run quite a bit!

I started with 80 push ups: I don’t know if it was the heat, my being tired, or stress that made 80 my max today. Either way, still a respectable number. I hit the ground with every intention of running my normal “Track,” which is around the lake in front of our house, but for some reason, when I approached the turn off, I decided to go straight. At the end of the road where I usually turn around, I decided to keep going straight some more. And before I knew it, I was running in an area I’ve never run before; next to the golf course which is adjacent to our subdivision. It turned out to be pretty nice, and I am pretty sure I’ll do that run again.

As for today’s run, the knee pain I was worried about didn’t show up at all. I did have a strange pain in my right calf, but it only showed up after about half a mile of running and was gone by the end of the first mile. I kind of laugh at these little phantom pains. I think of them as little signals my muscles are using to try to trick me into stopping. I never give in, though. I know the difference between good pain and bad pain.

After the run, I jumped into the pool for about 20 minutes. It felt amazing! I think if I keep running in the heat of the afternoons, I’ll be adding a post-run dip to cool me down. It felt so nice. Besides, I prefer afternoon to waking up in the early mornings to run. I don’t know why; I just like afternoon runs better.

Let’s add knee pain to the mix.

So, beside the (still persistent) minor pain in my left glute and some pain I picked up last week in the middle of my back, I now picked up a pain in my left knee. Yesterday, I twisted wrong on it twice, and now I have a nagging pain in what feels like a ligament or tendon (I can never tell the difference between the two). Now, it’s not really bad pain; just a minor one if I step wrong or forget it’s there and do something stupid. Will that stop me from running today? Probably not. I’m still going to try to get out there. I may not run very fast, or set any distance records, but I will get out there and I will run. I find that often, when I have little nagging pains like that in my knees, the pain subsides or completely disappears after the first quarter of a mile.

I’m hoping for that today. I can’t stand the way I feel when I don’t run (and I actually like how I feel after a run). What’s wrong with me?

Post-Run Report: June 16, 2017

I did it. I got back into it. Starting with 90 push ups, I hit the ground on this hot (93 degrees) evening and set out for a comfortable run. My first mile pace was a little slower than normal while miles 2 and 3 were definitely slower, but comfortable. I was happy with the sub-9 minute/mile average, however. The best part: I felt great through the run. Even though it was really hot out and the sun was burning me, I felt good. Breathing was easy, and muscles never cried out in protest. All in all, a good run.

I’ll take tomorrow off from running and likely run again on Sunday if I can make time. I have a full day planned, so I’m not sure exactly how I can fit it in, but I will try. If all else fails, I will be getting back on my M-W-F schedule next week.

No run again yesterday

I planned on trying to run when I got home last night, but I got detoured to a going away shindig after work for an hour, and then when I got home, I found Sherry was waiting to eat dinner with me. I didn’t want to make her wait any longer, so I forewent running and had dinner with her.

I still have soreness in my back, but I will run after work today regardless. I can’t stand not running. I feel myself getting soft; I can’t let that happen.

My next post should be a post-run report. It had better be, or I’ll be upset.

Back Injury and No Running

I don’t know what I did or how it happened, but I woke up with severe back pain the middle of my back on Tuesday. I woke up early to run Wednesday morning, but my back was stiff and still feeling very painful, so I decided against it. This morning, the pain is greatly reduced, but still sore. I think I will wait another day or two before I go back out to do my push ups and run.

I hate it. I really want to get out there, but I have to take care of this old body or it won’t be in good enough shape to take care of me. So, I will sit it out for today and tomorrow. Unless I decide it doesn’t hurt this afternoon, in which case I’ll go against my better judgment and get a run in. We’ll see.