Post-Run Report: May 3rd, 2017

Image-1 (2)This was both a good and difficult run. It was good in that my pace felt okay; not my fastest, but it was solid. The bad was that the sock on my left foot crept down below the heel of the shoe which resulted in an open blister on the back of my heel. It is now quite sore, and I’m sure it will bother me for my next few runs.

I started with 70 push ups and hit the track around the lake. It was pretty hot and very humid out, but overall, decent run. I stopped at 3.2 miles which is what I consider to be my new minimum run distance. I’d like to hit 4+ on my runs, but for some reason (I think it’s the heat), 3.2 seems to be about right for distance right now. Oh well; I have goals!