Post-Run Report: April 28, 2017

My son Brendon and I after our run.

Today was a bit tougher on me, and my son made some serious headway in his progress as well. We started with push ups. Brendon did 10, while I started with 80. We then hit the pavement and set out for his mile and a half at a 11:30/mile pace. We kept it up, and after he was done with his mile and a half, I reset my Garmin Fenix 3 HR and set out on a two-three mile run at my pace. I got around the lake a few laps at about an 8:30/mile pace when Brendon decided to join me for a lap. To his credit, he kept up, made sure his shoulders were back and he moved his arms properly, and he was careful with his breathing. Once the lap was done (it’s a quarter of a mile), he went back to his walking, but I was impressed with his desire to keep up and get a little more in.

My solo run ended up being a two-mile run instead of a three-mile due to the heat, but I still feel like I got a good workout, and my pace ended up with being around an 8:38/mile average for the two miles. I’m happy with anything sub-9, so there’s that.

My next run will be Monday, and I’m looking forward to it!

Post-Run Report: April 25, 2017

My son and I after his first run.

I’m so very proud of the guy in the picture with me. That’s my son. He’s 22, and he’s gotten overweight and out of shape. He decided last week to go Paleo like his mom and dad, and today, he began running. We did a solid mile and a half and then we walked the rest out. It was a lot for him, but he did it. He never quit, and never complained. He also started with 5 push ups. I started with 80 (which felt surprisingly good). We kept the pace at an 11:30/mile, or so, which turned out to be good for him.

Since it was so hot out, I decided to not do any additional workout since I expected to run the following day. This didn’t happen due to many things including work, work, and more work, but I did end up getting in more running this week.