Post-Run Report: May 8, 2017

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Today was a good day. I started by hitting 90 push ups for the first time! I felt good, and I didn’t have to struggle to get there! Brendon got to 20 which is a new high for him as well! We had a quick motivation chat and then waited for GPS to synchronize on his watch (my Garmin Fenix 3 HR is faster at syncing) and we hit the pavement.

This was a good run. I started off a little slow due to the music playlist being wrong, but I got it figured out within the first 1/8 of a mile and was able to speed it back up. I set out to run a full 30 minutes regardless of distance, and I met that goal. My pace was okay, but still off from the faster paces I was running before I started helping Brendon run. On this run, he told me to go off on my own while we both circled the same track. I took him up on it so I could get a solid run in.

As for Brendon, he did 2.25 miles and his pace was better by 40 seconds per mile over last week. I’m proud of the effort he’s putting into it, and how hard he’s working. He really wants to get into shape and start matching my pace. I’m looking forward to when he can get past me.