Post Run Report: May 1, 2017

Holy bejeezus it was hot out there!
Oh. My. Gosh. It was hot out there. I started with 70 push ups and then hit the pavement. It was also a difficult run for me, as I’ve not run more than 2 miles in a stretch for the past week. Today, I went to 3.2 miles for my first run, and I did .9 miles afterward at a slower pace with my son. I had to stop as I was experiencing some strange knee pain in my left knee on the second run, but I’m proud of my son as he kept running to his 1.5 miles. We walked around the small lake a few times afterward before heading in.

I’m happy with 4.2 miles for the day’s total. My pace for the first 3.2 was slower than my average by about 30 seconds which was due to a strange pain in my right knee cap. It went away after the first half mile and felt better for the rest of the first run, but I couldn’t get my pace any faster due to the heat. I did have three dried apricots before my run, but I didn’t feel any boost from the extra sugar in my bloodstream.

I’m going to take the following day off and run again on Wednesday (weather permitting). Our exercise cycle gets delivered on Tuesday which is what I’ll use on the days it’s raining or just too darned hot out there to keep my cardio going. Heck, I may add it as a low impact cardio exercise on my running off-days. We’ll see how that goes.