Post-Run Report: May 17, 2017

I wasn’t sure how motivated I would be today as I felt that I didn’t get enough sleep, but I started off quite strong. 95 push ups is my new record! I started with those today, and it felt pretty darned good. 5 shy of 100, but that gives me Friday to try to get there.

I then hit the ground running and set off with a good pace: 8:04 for the first mile. I ended up with an 8:26/mile average for 3.17 miles, and I’m happy with that. I had a slight pain in my right shin for the last quarter mile that I’m going to pay attention to. I may run slower next time, and a little shorter distance. Or not. Knowing me, I’ll get back out there and go for my 3 mile minimum at full-pace. Because I’m stubborn like that.