Post-Run Report: June 16, 2017

I did it. I got back into it. Starting with 90 push ups, I hit the ground on this hot (93 degrees) evening and set out for a comfortable run. My first mile pace was a little slower than normal while miles 2 and 3 were definitely slower, but comfortable. I was happy with the sub-9 minute/mile average, however. The best part: I felt great through the run. Even though it was really hot out and the sun was burning me, I felt good. Breathing was easy, and muscles never cried out in protest. All in all, a good run.

I’ll take tomorrow off from running and likely run again on Sunday if I can make time. I have a full day planned, so I’m not sure exactly how I can fit it in, but I will try. If all else fails, I will be getting back on my M-W-F schedule next week.

No run again yesterday

I planned on trying to run when I got home last night, but I got detoured to a going away shindig after work for an hour, and then when I got home, I found Sherry was waiting to eat dinner with me. I didn’t want to make her wait any longer, so I forewent running and had dinner with her.

I still have soreness in my back, but I will run after work today regardless. I can’t stand not running. I feel myself getting soft; I can’t let that happen.

My next post should be a post-run report. It had better be, or I’ll be upset.

Back Injury and No Running

I don’t know what I did or how it happened, but I woke up with severe back pain the middle of my back on Tuesday. I woke up early to run Wednesday morning, but my back was stiff and still feeling very painful, so I decided against it. This morning, the pain is greatly reduced, but still sore. I think I will wait another day or two before I go back out to do my push ups and run.

I hate it. I really want to get out there, but I have to take care of this old body or it won’t be in good enough shape to take care of me. So, I will sit it out for today and tomorrow. Unless I decide it doesn’t hurt this afternoon, in which case I’ll go against my better judgment and get a run in. We’ll see.

Post-Run Report: June 12, 2017

Image-1 (8)
Yes, I did what I thought I’d never do: took my shirt off after a run in public.

I wasn’t sure how today’s run would go, but I didn’t think it would be so tough. I started with 90 push ups (I could have hit 100, but again, why struggle/push for it? I don’t need/want the arm pain the next day) and immediately set out on my run. Since Brendon is working long hours, I’m back to running alone. I miss having my running buddy with me, but I had to get it done regardless.

The first mile was pretty tough; I set out with a decent 8 minute/mile pace which slowed to 8:38/mile for the second mile and a 9:04/mile pace for the third mile. I ran 3.11 total, ending up with an average of 8:36/mile. I’m happy with that.

What I was not happy with was how hot it was. AND HUMID!!! The sun was darting in and out of the clouds, and when it was behind a cloud, it felt okay. When it peeked out, it was oppressively hot. For this reason, I think I’ve decided to start morning runs beginning Wednesday. I have a baseball game to go to in the evening on Wednesday anyway, so if I want to keep up my schedule, I have to either run tomorrow or Wednesday morning. I think I’m leaning toward Wednesday morning. Besides, it’ll hopefully be a little cooler. I also used to like how I felt during the day after a morning run, so there’s that.

No running in four days?!?!?!

Me during this past weekend’s drill.

That’s right; it’s been four days since I last ran, and it’s bugging me! I ran Wednesday last week, but I had National Guard drill weekend this past Friday through Sunday, and I didn’t have time to run on Friday. Saturday morning was unit PT, but I was selected to be one of the graders for the APFT, so I had to remain in uniform and not exercise. At the end of the day, which was long, I was too worn out to run. Sunday was filled with more National Guard activities and a family emergency that kept me from running.

So, it’s Monday, and it’s a scorcher outside. I will get home in the late afternoon/early evening and bust out my push ups and hit the pavement. I can’t believe the following words are about to flow from my fingertips, but here it is: I can’t wait. My legs are ready. I’m ready. My body needs this.

It won’t be my best or fastest run, but I will get my three+ miles in today. Maybe if I’m feeling okay, maybe more. It’s been a while since I ran four miles. No guarantees, but maybe.

Post-Run Report: June 7, 2017

Image-1 (7)

This was a tough day. I started with 80 push ups. I have been getting past 100 for the past few days, but when I got to 80 this time, I was more worn out than usual. It also should be said that I haven’t gotten the right amount of sleep for the past three  nights, and I think it was finally catching up to me.

It turned out that once I got running, that whole tired thing was proving to be the case for me. I took off at a leisurely pace and after the first mile, I decided to run a bit harder/faster. Well, it wasn’t much faster. Just harder. For the final mile, I was able to get the time down a bit, but not as much as I would have liked. The weird part was that I really felt like I was running hard. Way harder than normal.

I’m not entirely happy with the pace, but I know what caused it; not enough rest. That’s an easy one to fix. The other issue is a lack of interval training. I will start implementing some interval training into my plan starting on Monday. I will do interval training once every two-three weeks for two months and then increase it to once every two weeks for another two months and then perhaps once a week. We’ll see. But either way, interval training is in my future.

101 Runs

2017-06-06 09_04_12-E.J. Hunyadi _ Runner on StravaI was looking at my Strava Profile today, and I noticed something that went right by without me knowing it; I have run 101 times since starting in September of last year.


When I started running last year, I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. In fact, I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to like running as I’d never liked it in the past. As an active duty Marine, I did it because I had to, and even then, I disliked it. Sure, I liked feeling fit, but not at the cost of having to run.

In September of last year, joining the National Guard was something I was interested in, but I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do. I knew I had to start running, but I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get fast enough, be strong enough, and fit enough to pass an APFT. Well, my APFT in April definitely put that to rest, and now, I’m one of the more fit soldiers in our battery (based on APFT scores and height/weight).

A crazy thing happened about a month into my running experience: I began to like it. I forced myself to like it, and it worked. I remember making the conscious decision to enjoy running and I hoped that it would become genuine. It has.

There are days I don’t feel like doing it, but the feeling of not running is far worse than any pain or discomfort I feel when running itself. I really enjoy the 30 minutes I spend running. I am in an easy cycle right now, not working toward an APFT, and just staying fit. I am allowing my body to strengthen gradually, and watching what my body does with repeated physical activity. I’m focusing more on my breathing and allowing the pace to increase naturally instead of pushing it hard like I was. The result is a much nicer run, I feel better immediately after a run and in between runs, and my pace is increasing nicely without me noticing any additional discomfort.

While not every run is great, some of my runs have been downright nice. Every now and then, I experience a light runner’s high, which is pretty cool. It’s something I hope to experience more in the future.


101 runs. I never thought that would be something I could say I’ve done, yet here I am. Coupled with the 100+ push ups I do before every run, I now have a decent set of muscles on me. I’m not looking to have a body builder’s physique, but I do like looking fit. I love feeling fit even more, however, and that’s where the true benefit has been.