Post-Run Report: June 28, 2017


I thought today’s run wouldn’t be as hot as it was, but the sun decided to peek out behind the clouds after my run began, and it took a toll on my pace. Oh well.

I started the run with 100 easy push ups. I think it’s good that I don’t push it when I’m not feeling it, because I can always hit another goal the next time I do my push ups without pain, soreness, or difficulty. I am happy with my progress to 100 push ups, and while my max so far is 110, I’m sure I’ll be hitting that again soon.

As for the run, it started out pretty great. For the first mile, I felt amazing. During the second mile, the sun came out, and it took its toll on me. I started heating up, and my pace declined. The third mile was pretty hard as it felt hotter, and my legs definitely felt the heat. All in all, the average pace was decent and sub-9 which is always a goal for me.

Now, it’s a day off from running and then back to it on Friday!