Post-Run Report: June 12, 2017

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Yes, I did what I thought I’d never do: took my shirt off after a run in public.

I wasn’t sure how today’s run would go, but I didn’t think it would be so tough. I started with 90 push ups (I could have hit 100, but again, why struggle/push for it? I don’t need/want the arm pain the next day) and immediately set out on my run. Since Brendon is working long hours, I’m back to running alone. I miss having my running buddy with me, but I had to get it done regardless.

The first mile was pretty tough; I set out with a decent 8 minute/mile pace which slowed to 8:38/mile for the second mile and a 9:04/mile pace for the third mile. I ran 3.11 total, ending up with an average of 8:36/mile. I’m happy with that.

What I was not happy with was how hot it was. AND HUMID!!! The sun was darting in and out of the clouds, and when it was behind a cloud, it felt okay. When it peeked out, it was oppressively hot. For this reason, I think I’ve decided to start morning runs beginning Wednesday. I have a baseball game to go to in the evening on Wednesday anyway, so if I want to keep up my schedule, I have to either run tomorrow or Wednesday morning. I think I’m leaning toward Wednesday morning. Besides, it’ll hopefully be a little cooler. I also used to like how I felt during the day after a morning run, so there’s that.

No running in four days?!?!?!

Me during this past weekend’s drill.

That’s right; it’s been four days since I last ran, and it’s bugging me! I ran Wednesday last week, but I had National Guard drill weekend this past Friday through Sunday, and I didn’t have time to run on Friday. Saturday morning was unit PT, but I was selected to be one of the graders for the APFT, so I had to remain in uniform and not exercise. At the end of the day, which was long, I was too worn out to run. Sunday was filled with more National Guard activities and a family emergency that kept me from running.

So, it’s Monday, and it’s a scorcher outside. I will get home in the late afternoon/early evening and bust out my push ups and hit the pavement. I can’t believe the following words are about to flow from my fingertips, but here it is: I can’t wait. My legs are ready. I’m ready. My body needs this.

It won’t be my best or fastest run, but I will get my three+ miles in today. Maybe if I’m feeling okay, maybe more. It’s been a while since I ran four miles. No guarantees, but maybe.