Post-Run Report: June 5, 2017

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My run on Strava. Representing the Marines today! I started today with just 100 push ups. I have to say, I love saying “just” 100 push ups. lol. I started with being only able to do 10 eight months ago. I could likely be doing many more, but I don’t subscribe to the “Feel the burn!” school of exercise. I work until I start feeling some burn and then I stop. This has allowed me to gradually gain strength and endurance without ever feeling spent or worn out. Unlike many who like to exercise, I don’t like to feel like I gave my all. I like to feel like I exercised, but I don’t want to be a wet noodle after a run or work out.

It’s served me well. People say it shouldn’t have worked, yet is has. My run pace is decent, and I’m doing 100+ push ups every time I run. That’s pretty decent, if you ask me.

As for today’s run? It was actually very pleasant. The pace was good, the breathing was even better today, and I felt solid. My legs got tired, but that was mostly from the heat. It cooled down a bit for my last two laps (half mile), and I contemplated running to 4 miles, but I decided against it as my legs were feeling the heat more than I liked. Perhaps Wednesday’s run will be longer. At least that’s the plan.