Post-Run Report: June 7, 2017

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This was a tough day. I started with 80 push ups. I have been getting past 100 for the past few days, but when I got to 80 this time, I was more worn out than usual. It also should be said that I haven’t gotten the right amount of sleep for the past three ┬ánights, and I think it was finally catching up to me.

It turned out that once I got running, that whole tired thing was proving to be the case for me. I took off at a leisurely pace and after the first mile, I decided to run a bit harder/faster. Well, it wasn’t much faster. Just harder. For the final mile, I was able to get the time down a bit, but not as much as I would have liked. The weird part was that I really felt like I was running hard. Way harder than normal.

I’m not entirely happy with the pace, but I know what caused it; not enough rest. That’s an easy one to fix. The other issue is a lack of interval training. I will start implementing some interval training into my plan starting on Monday. I will do interval training once every two-three weeks for two months and then increase it to once every two weeks for another two months and then perhaps once a week. We’ll see. But either way, interval training is in my future.