Post-Run Report: June 26, 2017

Please excuse the scruffy face. I decided to take three days off from shaving.

Today’s run was actually pretty darned nice. I think I got the right amount of rest for the past two days, because the pace was decent, and I felt good. I pushed myself, but not too hard, and the results were acceptable.

I started with 80 push ups; for some reason, when I got to 80, I quickly realized that doing any more would probably cause sore arms tomorrow, so I stopped. I then quickly hit the pavement and was happy with how I felt, not only with my breathing and my pace, but with my body keeping up with the right amount of sweating to help me feel cool despite it being 92 degrees out. I feel like my body is finely tuned to handle the heat of the afternoons now which allows me to run after work. This is good, because it takes me a good 30 minutes to cool down, and I prefer taking my time to cool down after a run versus being in a rush, showering, and still sweating in my work clothes as I eat breakfast and drive in to work.

Today’s run was much easier than Friday’s. I may go for a little more distance on Wednesday or a little faster pace. Not sure yet; it’ll depend on how I feel Wednesday, and if I can get a little extra sleep on Tuesday night.