Post-kettlebell muscle ache

I have to admit that I didn’t think the kettlebell workout yesterday was that tough in the beginning. It quickly became pretty tough, and by the end, I was out of breath. Afterward, when walking to pick up the mail, I was surprised at how my legs felt worn out. More so than even after my typical runs.

Well, today, they are downright sore. Not painful, but sore. They feel like they did after I did my very first run last September; like I’d never worked those muscles before. I find this interesting because as a person who runs every other day, I thought my legs were in good shape. Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Simple and Sinister (a book about kettlebell exercise) said that the kettlebell will work muscles that aren’t typically exercised in weight training. He didn’t mention that it would use muscles I don’t even use in running! Either that, or I have gotten to a point in my running where my muscles aren’t really challenged. I think the latter is more likely than the former.

I have a run scheduled for today, and weather willing, I will be out there running again. I just hope I can run with a semblance of speed. I am not looking to break any records, but my last run was really slow in the heat, and kind of disappointing to see the pace drop off by over a minute per mile on average. I’d like to stay in the 9’s today if at all possible, but with the muscle pain I have, I think that may be a tough order.

I’m going from three exercises to six per week this week, and I know it’s going to be tough on me. I don’t think it will be too much, though, considering that my non-running days will be working muscles in a different way, and mostly different parts of my body. But, time will tell. If anything, I’ll definitely get stronger, which is what I’m after.

Author: PaleoMarine

Former active duty Marine who went from 170 lbs to 328 lbs and decided that he had to change his life or die. He lost 130 lbs in 1 year through Whole30 and adopting the Paleo Diet without doing any exercise at all. Since starting running, he's lost an additional 20 lbs and is comfortably back in the 170 lbs range. He is a Warrant Officer in the Army National Guard and writes multiple blogs about topics he is passionate about.

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