More effort, PB on push ups

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Today, I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. I felt pretty rested and ready to go, but at the same time, my motivation level was a little low. I find that on days like this, it’s best to just get in there, hit the push ups, and get on the road as quickly as possible. I don’t let my mind linger on negativity; just go.

For push ups, I counted very carefully, and when I got to 100, I felt I could easily go for more, so I completed 120, a personal best! I felt pretty good afterward and hit the sidewalk on the small loop around the pond in front of my house. My first mile pace was decent at a 8:24/mile while my second and third miles were a little slower, one just shy of 9 minutes/mile and the other just over. So, the average pace of 8:47/mile is pretty decent, and I’m okay with it. Actually, I was really happy with it considering it was 97 degrees out.

I have one more run left before I go to my annual training. I am not looking forward to not running for two weeks or what that will mean for my run times when I get back. I will do push ups, though, so there’s that.