Cooler weather means better running

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It was overcast and cooler out this afternoon due to some cold fronts rolling through, and while it was raining in some parts of the Houston area, we didn’t get any rain where I live and run. That made for a perfect afternoon of running! I hit the deck with 90 push ups and set out for my run with the goal of running faster than my last few runs. Good news: I accomplished my goal with an average over the three miles of an 8:41/mile pace. Better yet; my pace stayed pretty consistent for all three miles, with only a few seconds of variance between miles 2 and 3.

I used to worry about my form, but I don’t anymore. I now concentrate on my breathing and pace, and it seems to be helping. I am not really working toward a run or APFT, so I’m not doing sprints yet. When I have an event to work towards, I’ll formulate a good plan and work on it, but for now, I run to run for my health and heart’s sake. Nothing more, nothing less. Oh, and because I like it.