More push ups, felt great during run

Today, I started the day with 100 push ups. That makes me feel good, because I haven’t been able to do 100 in a while. Not because I couldn’t do them, but because I like to go as far as I can without straining. Today, I got to 100 like that. Feels good.

I hit the “Lake track” (what I call the sidewalk circle around the pond in front of our house) with a decent pace, but nothing too fast. I concentrated on being comfortable on the edge of working hard. It paid off. While my overall pace was an 8:56/mile average, I felt great, had no pain or discomfort in my legs, and my breathing was easy. It was actually a really nice run. I wore new shorts and a new hat for today’s run, and I like this new hat a lot more than my old one which was too big. Also, it was cooler out today; about 10 degrees cooler than the last 5 runs or so. I know this weather won’t last, so I enjoyed it while I could.