Great run tonight

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Tonight was a great run. Although it was hot out and I was dreading it a bit, I hit the ground as usual and started with my 80 push ups. I could have done 10 more, but my left elbow is still a little sore, so I didn’t push it.

Before I ran, I changed a setting on my Garmin Fenix 3 to give me pace updates every three minutes through my Bluetooth headset, and this turned out to be a very cool thing. I started running easily, and found that my pace was at around 8:55/mile after the first three minutes. I decided to work to keep that pace, and I was able to for the duration! I ended up with my first sub-9 minute mile average since before my AT (July 24th, actually). That also means I’ve finally turned my pace trend around, and now (according to Strava), I’m trending faster!

The best part is that I felt really good on the run, and I didn’t really have to push that hard. I did make sure my pace was up, but I wasn’t nearly as sore or out of breath as I thought I would be. Maybe this running thing is going to work out for me after all!

Hot and easy morning run

This morning’s run was pretty easy in some regards and not so easy in others. I took an unintended two-day break due to things popping up in our schedule and I hadn’t intended on running Saturday, but I had no choice. I started with my minimum 80 push ups, and the last 10 were a little tougher than I’d like. Add to that the fact that I have some pain in my left elbow that I’m watching carefully made things a little tougher. Fortunately, the pain isn’t too bad and it doesn’t feel like the push ups hurt the elbow more; it’s actually a set of tendons or ligaments (I forget which they are) that are not used during push ups.

After the push ups, I hit the ground at, what I felt was, an easy pace. As the first mile ticked off on my Garmin Felix 3 watch, I was pleased to see it at a 9:14/mile pace. The second mile was very close at 9:24/mile, and the final mile ticked off at 9:14/mile for an average of 9:19/mile for the three miles. This, once again, was below my 9:30/mile pace goal for now, and what was amazing about this run was that it felt easy (well, except for my leg muscles which were a little unhappy). Breathing was easy, my heart rate was good, and I didn’t sweat like crazy despite it being 87 degrees out.

My legs felt a bit thick, though. I don’t know how else to explain the sensation. They just never got out of the “Not warmed up yet” feeling that normally happens after the first quarter or half mile. For whatever reason, my legs felt fresh for the entire duration of the run.

Oh well. Overall, I’m happy with the result and the fact that it was an easy run at a good pace. I didn’t have muscle pain the rest of the day, and I feel good going into a possible run tomorrow after work (depending on how I feel). I normally don’t do back-to-back runs, but to get back on my M-W-F schedule, I just might do it. We’ll see.

Went better than expected

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I didn’t dwell on the discomfort, and I hit the driveway and knocked out the 80 push ups I set out to do. About half-way through, I did feel some soreness in my arms and back, but I pushed through and got to 80 without too much difficulty. Then, I literally just got up and started running.

I set out with an easy pace, or at least what I thought was easy. I was expecting a 10 minute/mile pace, but it ended up being 8:58/mile for the first mile. The second mile was close with 9:09/mile pace, and the third and final mile ended up with 9:36/mile for an average of 9:13/mile. I’ll take it. My goal was sub-9:30/mile, so this was good.

My legs were a bit stiff and sore, but my breathing was just fine. I was surprised at how easy my heart and lungs were taking it while my legs were, predictably, sore throughout the run. At no point did they hurt enough to make me want to stop, but they were, indeed, sore. I’m glad tomorrow is a rest day. Friday will come too soon.

As I was running, I was thinking back to how we were whipped into shape in Marine Corps Boot Camp. We started with short runs every other day. We always had a rest day after our runs to help our muscles heal and rebuild before going back out to run some more. I think it’s why my plan of running every other day has been working so well; I give my muscles time to rebuild.

Running Sore

After work, I will run my three miles and do my minimum 80 push ups. Today will be daunting for two reasons:

  1. It will be very hot out (upwards of 95 degrees), and;
  2. I am sore.

It’s days like this that I wish I had the ability to skip a day because I just am not feeling it, but the psychological effect of skipping a day is so much worse than the actual sore running that I will do it.

I will likely not be happy doing it, and my pace will be slow, but I will get it done.

Back at it after a two week break

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It was very hot out, and I was a bit nervous heading into it, but I got out there, nailed my 80 push ups, and hit the pavement. I made sure to hold my pace down to not burn out too early, and I averaged a 9:27/mile pace for the three miles. Not bad for it being 97 degrees Fahrenheit outside as well as having not run for two weeks. My goal was to beat a 10 minute/mile, and I did it.

Tomorrow will be a rest day, and then back to it on Wednesday. It’s rebuilding time for my pace and my endurance.

Back to it

It’s been two weeks since I last ran, but this afternoon, I’ll be back at it. I’m not going to lie: I’m nervous.

I’m in the National Guard, and I was on my two-week annual training which kept me from running. You’d think that we’d have some sort of PT or ability to run while on our two-week training, but we didn’t have a spare moment. We worked hard, and literally every waking moment was spent working.

I will start with my push ups, and then I will run. My goals are 80 push ups and a three mile run with a 9:30 minute/mile pace. That’s a full minute slower than normal, but if I can do that without excessive pain, then I’ll be okay.

I just need to get the butterflies out of my stomach. Today will be tough. Tomorrow will be worse with the post-run muscle pain.