Great run tonight

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Tonight was a great run. Although it was hot out and I was dreading it a bit, I hit the ground as usual and started with my 80 push ups. I could have done 10 more, but my left elbow is still a little sore, so I didn’t push it.

Before I ran, I changed a setting on my Garmin Fenix 3 to give me pace updates every three minutes through my Bluetooth headset, and this turned out to be a very cool thing. I started running easily, and found that my pace was at around 8:55/mile after the first three minutes. I decided to work to keep that pace, and I was able to for the duration! I ended up with my first sub-9 minute mile average since before my AT (July 24th, actually). That also means I’ve finally turned my pace trend around, and now (according to Strava), I’m trending faster!

The best part is that I felt really good on the run, and I didn’t really have to push that hard. I did make sure my pace was up, but I wasn’t nearly as sore or out of breath as I thought I would be. Maybe this running thing is going to work out for me after all!