Post-Run Report: March 9, 2017

Today’s run was supposed to be a slow run, and while it wasn’t nearly my fastest, it was by no means a crawl. I was able to keep the pace below the 10 minute/mile for the average although my last mile was the slowest with a 10:03/mile pace for the last half. I will begin to work on speed again maybe later next week or the week after. My speed is good now. I want to be back to sub-9’s by April.

Otherwise, it was a good run. Felt pretty good and no pain to speak of. Only did 60 push ups, but anything past 60 for me is gravy anyway. I will keep working on this. I’d like to get to 100 easy push ups before my runs.

I didn’t do sit ups again. I hope this isn’t going to bite me in the butt in April.

I’ll run again on Saturday. Hopefully the weather cooperates, but it’s not looking good.