So, about yesterday’s run…

It didn’t happen. I had an appointment after work I had to go to (more on that Friday) and when I got home, I had dinner with my wife. Since my knees are still not 100%, I decided to take a third off-day. As much as I am hating it psychologically, my knees are much happier today.

I’m really looking forward to my run today although, to be honest, I’m a little nervous. This is my longest break in running since November when I got sick, and I remember it was tough to get back into it. Now, to be fair, that was nearly two weeks while this was just three days since running last, so I should be okay.

I just need to remember to  not push it and take it easy. I have a vacation starting in a few days and the last thing I need is a knee injury while in Spain.

If the weather is nice enough, I’ll run today

So far, the knee is holding up. Ironically, it’s the left knee that is giving me some pain today due to some of the limping I was doing Sunday, but I think it’ll go away after a few steps of running. If the weather isn’t stormy after work today, I will run. I’m going to push myself to go easy. I know that’s sort of an oxymoron, but it’s going to be hard to hold myself back. I want to take it easy and have a gentle 3-mile run. Sherry says it should be 2 miles, but 3 is my minimum. I’ll try to stick to a 10 minute (or slower) mile.

Well, unless there is no pain at all. If that’s the case, I’m going for it. I have made too much progress to give any of that back.

I don’t want to jinx it, but…

So far today, I have no pain in my knee. I am admittedly being careful and doing my best to not flex my knee in any weird way, but so far, there has been no pain. I’m really scared about it being injured. I want to do my run tomorrow (since I’m skipping today) and as I’m about to go on vacation to Spain which will require a lot of walking, the last thing I need is a leg injury.

Wish me luck! If I can remain pain free today and tomorrow, I will run tomorrow evening.