Three Weeks of Running, and…

It’s incredible how much better I feel, both physically and mentally. I’m able to run without any sort of pain or soreness aside from the standard, “I just ran” soreness which is natural and good. I may very well start running more often now.

I have a run scheduled for tonight, and I’m going to take it easy again: a 5.7 mph pace. I may kick it up for the last .5 or .25 miles to 6+ mph, but we’ll see how I feel. Anyway, I remember reading many years ago that it takes three weeks for initial conditioning to take place, and here I am, three weeks later, and I’m able to work out without lingering soreness or pain. I guess “They” were right.

I’m not fast yet. But I wasn’t working on that part. I’m running, and that’s what I wanted to achieve at the end of this three week period. Now, I will begin working on speed by implementing a routine of sprints and weightlifting. I just need my shoulder to get with the plan and stop being sore.