Cooler weather does amazing things for the pace!

I can’t believe it: I ran a solid sub-9 minute pace today and felt great doing so! I think the cooler weather had A LOT to do with that, though. I’ve also been sticking with the new breathing plan, breathing in/out on a 4/4 step pattern until I get to around 2 miles when I switch to a 3/3. This has been working really well, but I’m trying to keep myself at 4/4 as long as I can in my runs. Today, I had to switch to the 3/3 after about 1.5 miles, but I will keep pushing to get to 2 miles, then 2.5, and finally 3 miles as I start running toward a personal goal of 6.2 miles. Why? Because I think I want to run 10k. Nothing official, and no solid decision has been made, but it’s kind of a thing for me to want to try, at least. We’ll see. Sherry will think I’m crazy. My friends will think I’m crazy. Hell, I think I’m going crazy, but I am enjoying this running.

Today’s pace: 8:32/mile average!