Back At It; Added Push Ups

Image-1 (2)I was finally brave enough to re-add push ups to my work out, and I’m glad I did. I only did 50, but I did so comfortably and without really any pain. When I hit 50, I began to feel like I had to push, so I stopped. I didn’t want to reinjure my elbow. Also, it was a little tender coming up, so I decided I’ll wait another week before I do them again. At least I know I’m not completely worthless in the push up department and I won’t be starting from scratch like I did a year ago when I could barely do 10. 60 would have been work, but I could have done them. A year ago, 10 was a struggle.

As for running, it went well. I had to change from 4/4 to 3/3 breathing at 1.5 miles, but that’s because I wanted to keep my pace steady. I have started using the audio cues from Strava while I run, and I like that it tells me my pace. I knew I was falling off a bit with each 1/3 of a mile, but I was able to reduce the fall-off a bit by changing my breathing to give myself more oxygen. The end result is that I had no muscle soreness or pain, and this morning (which is the day after the run), I have no pain at all. Perhaps I’ve been pushing into anaerobic a bit much in the past, and running 4/4 and then 3/3 has kept my oxygen levels steadier throughout my run. I don’t know; I’m no scientist, but this is the third time in a row now without standard muscle pain. Then again, I’m also starting off a bit slower to be more consistent throughout my runs.

My pace ended up nicely with a 9:21/mile average which isn’t blistering, but it’s creeping closer to my happy place of sub-9 minute miles. I was able to do a few sub-8’s a few times six months ago before illnesses and injuries, and when it comes time to start working toward the December 5k and my April APFT for the National Guard, I’ll be pushing hard to get there by running some sprints and also longer distances. But that time isn’t here yet. For now, I’m just in pure cardio mode, so I run with a goal of sub-9’s at 3 miles. So far, it’s keeping me happy and fit. Oh, and this run would have been worth 39 points on the Marine Corps PFT which, for my age, would almost guarantee a first class. Hell yeah!