Back to it after an 8 day break

I’m back! It feels great to be back to running. It’s not just about the cardio at this point. It’s also about stress relief and keeping my mind straight. I just feel so much better after a run. It relaxes me in a way not many other things can.

I started with my 80 push ups, and while it was a bit harder to get to 80 than it was last week, I did it without serious muscle pain. I do have that tendon injury in my left elbow that is beginning to make me worry; it’s not going away. It’s not debilitating, but it is definitely something I notice. If it persists, I’ll see a doctor about it.

I then hit the pavement as I always do after my push ups. I decided to just run as fast or as slow as my body felt like doing, and I ended up with one of my fastest times in a long time! My pace was a great 8:39/mile average which is pretty darned good! I always strive for sub-9 minute paces. Rarely have I broken the sub-8 minute mile. I have done it in the past, but it takes a lot of work for me to get there, and a lot of pushing. I will do that when it’s three months out from my next PFT, but not just yet.

I surprised myself with this pace. I will admit that the third mile was pretty thought, and at some points, I felt like quitting, but I kept it up and made every effort to keep my pace consistent. It turned out that I did a good job with that.

Here is my run on Strava.

Author: PaleoMarine

Former active duty Marine who went from 170 lbs to 328 lbs and decided that he had to change his life or die. He lost 130 lbs in 1 year through Whole30 and adopting the Paleo Diet without doing any exercise at all. Since starting running, he's lost an additional 20 lbs and is comfortably back in the 170 lbs range. He is a Warrant Officer in the Army National Guard and writes multiple blogs about topics he is passionate about.

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