Day 3 of Running


No, this isn’t turning into an exercise blog, I promise! However, exercise is now a part of my lifestyle, and not posting about it would be leaving out an important aspect of my journey. Besides, if I stick with the Paleo theme, I can just imagine myself being chased by a Sabretooth Tiger or a Wooly Mammoth or something. I’m sure our Paleo forebears did plenty of running!

My latest run was pretty decent. I started off with a good pace and settled into a little bit slower but still good pace. I also increased the distance a bit while the time increased by under a minute over the previous run. In any rate, I’m happy with the result, and happy to have broken the 2 mile mark in my morning run.


I was experiencing a little bit of pain in my knee before I ran, but by being mindful of my steps and being careful, I found that the pain was some sort of phantom that disappeared, likely just an ache from sleeping. Once I was running, there was no pain at all. Breathing was pretty good today, too.

On the tech side of things, I had two new items with me today that helped my run. First, I got a belt that allows me to put my phone into it. This is huge because I hate having to carry or hold anything in my hands when I’m running. The second was a new pair of bluetooth headphones. These worked far better than I expected, and I’m really happy with them. I ended up buying another pair to give to Sherry for her runs.

I’m also using new shirts and shorts for running, and I have to admit that they are superior to regular t-shirts and cotton shorts. I don’t feel weighed down, and the sweat evaporates quickly which allows me to keep cool while running. Where were these shirts when I was on active duty?

All in all, I felt good again today. This “easing into things” is working out quite well. I might be able to keep this up for at least the next two decades.