Post-Run Report: June 5, 2017

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My run on Strava. Representing the Marines today! I started today with just 100 push ups. I have to say, I love saying “just” 100 push ups. lol. I started with being only able to do 10 eight months ago. I could likely be doing many more, but I don’t subscribe to the “Feel the burn!” school of exercise. I work until I start feeling some burn and then I stop. This has allowed me to gradually gain strength and endurance without ever feeling spent or worn out. Unlike many who like to exercise, I don’t like to feel like I gave my all. I like to feel like I exercised, but I don’t want to be a wet noodle after a run or work out.

It’s served me well. People say it shouldn’t have worked, yet is has. My run pace is decent, and I’m doing 100+ push ups every time I run. That’s pretty decent, if you ask me.

As for today’s run? It was actually very pleasant. The pace was good, the breathing was even better today, and I felt solid. My legs got tired, but that was mostly from the heat. It cooled down a bit for my last two laps (half mile), and I contemplated running to 4 miles, but I decided against it as my legs were feeling the heat more than I liked. Perhaps Wednesday’s run will be longer. At least that’s the plan.

Post-Run Report: June 2, 2017

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My run on Strava. Today, I represented my school, University of Houston! Thankfully, it’s a good shirt that breathes well. I started today with 110 push ups! This is a new high for me, and I got there rather easily. It’s nice that I’ll have two days off from exercise to recover a little.

I made today’s run easy. I wanted to go into the weekend with a good run, but nothing that would make me sore. Also, it was really hot out, and it’s getting harder to run as the temperatures are climbing. I see morning runs coming in my future soon. For now, I’ll continue to try to run in the afternoons since that’s when my son can run with me.

I’m happy with anything with 5 seconds of 9 minutes/mile, so this was a good run. I’m not looking to break any records in speed right now, but I do want to start increasing my distances a little bit. Perhaps Monday I’ll go a little farther.